Saturday, 2 April 2011

MIC College through Memories

Memoirs are interesting, touching and concern issues that haunt us. While recollecting MIC`s memories, we tend to relive the past and also either consciously or unconsciously also contemplate. In the process we find a lot of hidden meanings. On these pages, we remember the past incident and also we revealing their past affairs, if any one has the affair on that time they did not say to us even their close friend. Cause of fear , shame and angry etc. Now its very interesting one.

When we are reminiscently seeing MIC , suddenly flashing Romantic area of MIC College Campus, the green grass with the different trees and the sweet tone of the love birds and bamboo cluster.In these area we shared our lovely, cherished and unforgettable moments with friends.We can proudly say we are the part of our College while we can say we contributing the eminent position of the College, that include three University Rank 05, 06, 07 batch respectively, these Ranks are the Milestone of our College. and also we got many prizes in University Level programme.While we contributed many things in the Sports level.

The First college election was in 2005, it became the historical event in the MIC College ever seen.

                                                                                                      Salam Bambrani
                                                                                                     BBM-06 Batch